Bogø Vingaard Bed & Breakfast

Bogø Vingaard Bed and Breakfast is located on the outskirts of the idyllic village of Bogø, and a few hundred metres from Bogø Havn, where you can take a ferry to Stubbekøbing on Falster. You will pass this cosy Bed & Breakfast if you’re following the Berlin-Copenhagen cycle route. The same applies if you’re following the Camøno trail. 

Bogø Vingaard Bed & Breakfast offers a lovely bright room with a bathroom and private entrance. There are two beds in the room and two more can be added. You can settle down in the garden or on the large covered terrace overlooking the vineyard, because wine is produced here at Bogø Vingaard. You can look forward to being offered free wine tastings, where Frank, one of the hosts, will talk about the production.

About 3 km from Bogø Vingaard is Skåninge Bro Havn, a popular spot for the locals to watch the sunset. Non-locals are also very welcome, and it is a great opportunity to have a chat with the islanders. And, incidentally, for a dip! If you prefer the woods, you can visit the very well-preserved passage grave of Hulehøj, located in the forest Østerskov, about 1 km northeast of Bogø.