Bed & Breakfast, Liltofte


Welcome to Liltofte
Liltofte Farm is an old farmstead that was rebuilt in 1994. It is situated on high ground with beautiful views. A charming rural venue in scenic surroundings.  

The farm has its own woods and bog with abundant opportunities
for rewarding hikes.
The farm is located “far out in the country”, making it a ood venue
for those seeking tranquillity and fresh air – anytime.  

The large and pleasant garden provides excellent playing options, ‘
where it is always possible to find secluded nooks.
Crolf can be played in the garden!
Children-friendly garden and activity room.  

We often get together on the patio for coffee, tea or other occasions,
and the patio is naturally available to you free of charge. 

Well-suited for recreation and “Liltofte” anglers.
Private lake.  

Liltofte has 5 rooms with approximately 12 sleeping spaces
– both double beds and bunk beds.
In bad weather, it is possible to play billiards, carom billiards
or other games in our activity room.  

If you wish to “mind your own business” and cook your own
meals, we have a small apartment sleeping 4 on offer.  


1 km to the closest church
6 km from Saltofte Beach
5 km from Assens and its harbour
40 from Odense
14 km from Glamsbjerg Golf Course
15 km from “put & take” saltwater fishery