Katrinelyst accomodation


Lovely farm close to the golf course and with a private beach and bathing jetty. Ideal for anglers, golf enthusiasts and families with children. Cleaning facilities and freezer available for anglers.

Airy apartment with room for max. 6 persons, with a view of the nearby water and fields. Lounge/seating area/kitchen, double room, bathroom, bed loft with room for 3 persons. TV and Wi-Fi access (please bring your own pc). Possibility for rent of babybed.


  • 2 persons, 600,00/night+bedsheets/towels 100,00+cleaning 300,00: Total DKK 1000,00 incl. free coffee/tea and wi-fi
  • 3 persons, 850,00/night+bedsheets/towels 150,00+cleaning 300,00: Total DKK 1300,00 incl. free coffee/tea and wi-fi
  • 4 persons, 1000,00/night+bedsheets/towels 200,00+cleaning 300,00: Total DKK 1500,00 incl. free coffee/tea and wi-fi
  • 5 persons, 1125,00/night+bedsheets/towels 250,00+cleaning 300,00: Total DKK 1675,00 incl. free coffee/tea and wi-fi
  • 6 persons, 1200,00/night+bedsheets/towels 300,00+cleaning 300,00: Total DKK 1800,00 incl. free coffee/tea and wi-fi