Øbjerggaard Bed and Breakfast

Øbjerggaard was built in 1853, and for that time it was a considerable business with less householders put in place. The farmer was a high-ranking man in the small community, and in the farm there were several men, and in the farmhouse servants. The family who farmed the farm had been living on Øbjerggaard for many generations – a genus reached 11 generations before having to mature because of infertility. The breeding riots, which are now banqueting rooms, are tastefully decorated and equipped with fixtures for the whole party for 90 persons. Recently, it is furnished with rooms where you can stay overnight in connection with the party or you can rent a room and spend your holiday in this scenic area.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation: DKK 250 per night person.

Price for accommodation incl. half board:
Accommodation incl. half board: DKK 495.00.
Half board includes breakfast and 2 course menu

Øbjerggaard is scenic with views of Helnæs Bay and when guests are received on the south-facing terrace, there is free access to Lillebælt and Jutland.

The surroundings at Øbjerggaard are suitable for children, as there are animals and plenty of space to play.

At Øbjerggaard there are also horse carriage rides, as the family at Øbjerggaard has their own horses used for this.