Hotel Christiansminde

Hotel Christiansminde is made for everyone that need a good place to be, a good place to learn, a good place to celebrate and a good place to eat. Whether you come one or many you will feel at home and recognize all that you love, even if you have never been here before.

With us you get the feeling of freedom in the middle of the nature by the forrest and the sea, and just a stone’s throw from Svendborg. Every day we feel the good energi on site, and we look forward to share this with you as our guest.

We have 98 rooms, all of which are inspired by the nature surrounding us and exude the good feeling of Svendborg. The lightness and possibilities of life, the light, the water, and the excitement have determined our colour choices, materials, decor and furniture. It opens up the mind so that you are the focal point of all that can happen.

Our great wish is to get people to meet and enrich each other. Our location, setting and facilities are created to provide space for calm, contemplation, enthusiasm, new thoughts and good energi. Whether it is a meeting, restaurant visit, celebration or hotel stay.

If your four-legged dog friend is to come, we have special rooms in which you can share the experience. Smooking is only allowed in the marked areas, and access to most rooms is via stairs.

Whichever room you choose, you get a nice bathroom, private terrace or balcony and a good internet connection, so you easily can share your good experiences.

More than half the rooms have a view of Svendborg’s lovely sound. Everything practical has been planned and thought through – including the car parking.

At Hotel Christiansminde it is easy to feel fantastic.